Beautiful Bagan-Myanmar in my heart

Some 3000 temples and pagodas lie scattered around Bagan, one of Myanmar’s most spectacular destinations Myanmar’s economic opening has brought many changes to its big cities. Its golden capital, Yangon, attracts foreign investment, while other destinations draw growing numbers of tourists. Bagan is the country’s best-known tourist site. Home to over 3,000 temples and pagodas

Majestic Angkor Wat

The temples of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom remain serene, as if they were still largely untouched by human interference City of Peace Siem Reap Airport lies about 10km and 15 minutes by bus from the city center. The road to town is flanked by hotels and resorts that reveal Siem Reap’s place as a

Nam Du fantastic islands

Located 83km off the shore of Rach Gia in Vietnam’s southern Kien Giang province, the Nam Du Islands are unspoiled natural masterpieces. Comprising 21 islands of various sizes, the Nam Du Islands have a total land area of 1,500 hectares. Let’s discover the otherworldly beauty of Vietnam’s Nam Du islands From Rach Gia Wharf it