7 newly recognized world’s heritages by UNESCO

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UNESCOS stands for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. This organization verified and recognized a lot of the cultural and natural sites based on the certain criteria. Until now, UNESCO treasures 1.052 heritages showing the remarkable values on culture and nature. Recently, UNESCO has published the list of 21 names to supplement the list of the world heritage sites in the annual meeting held in Istanbul, Turkey. In which, there are 7 outstanding heritages in terms of many values


Venice is one of the famous world heritage recognized by UNESCO. Photo: Hernán Piñera

Let’s discover 7 impressive construction works of the world which UNESCO newly recognized as the world heritage. Here are 7 spotlight names in the list of 21 newly recognized world heritages by UNESCO:

Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art Cultural Landscape, China

In the period of the 5th century B.D to the 2nd century A.D, Louye people in the southwest of China described their daily life and spiritual activities on the walls of Hoa Son Mountain, near the Nam Ninh City, Guangzhou Province. Tourists can see the direct flights from Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong to Nam Ninh City to visit this unique Rock Art Cultural Landscape.

To sum up, to the above mentioned 7 world heritage site recognized by UNESCO, they are so breath taking, splendid and stunning. Each destination has its own typical features to capture the attraction of tourists. Hope that we will have chance to visit these places one day!

The Antequera Dolmens Site, Spain

Regarded as the Stonehenge works of Spain, The Antequera Dolmens Site strongly impresses with the big size stones dating back to the Neolithic period. It is one of the extremely important construction works to the European archeologists. Tourists can visit this site after 45 minute drive from the Malaga City or 2 hour drive of passenger car from Seville and Gibraltar.
It can be said that the Dolmens site is the “outstanding example of megalithic architecture”.


A view of the Antequera Dolmens Site, Spain

Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve, Canada

For those who love sightseeing and discovering the nature maybe know this place for many years. Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve is located in the edge of southeast of Newfoundland Island, which is the home to a total of 180 species of birds and 40 species of mammals recorded. There are also many kinds of fossils dating back of 500 million years ago.

Cruise ship dock of Antigua navy, Antigua and Barbuda Islands

This is the dock for repairing and building the ships of British Navy during the time European countries was competing to take over the control of the east of Caribbean. Therefore, this architecture works is the same as other works under George Kings in the UK (1714 – 1830). You can travel to this site from Jumby Bay which is the best hotel on Antigua and Barbuda Islands after 30 minute departure by ship


Romantic scene of Cruise ship dock of Antigua navy, Antigua and Barbuda Islands

Gorham’s Cave Complex, the UK

Located on Gibraltar Island of the United Kingdoms (the UK), Gorham’s Cave Complex is currently one of the most attractive sites in the world. This place has stored the proofs about the existence of Neanderthals culture dating back tens of thousands of years. The archeologists and paleontologists are still doing research on the engravings on the wall or animal fossils in the caves. Tourists can take a visit around this area according to the tour or in individual by boat.


A corner of Gorham’s Cave Complex in the UK

Pampulha Complex, Brazil

The tourists whom visit Brazil to watch Olympics 2016 can spend time visiting the famous contemporary artistic works such as Pampulha Complex of the architect Oscar Niemeyer in Belo Horizonte City. The complex consists of casino, churches and the government buildings surrounded by the man-made lake with the lines of palm trees

The architecture work of Le Corbusier


The chapel of Notre Dame de Hault of Le Corbusier

The architect Le Corbusier is the father of Innovative doctrine when he creates the contemporary architecture works in many locations around the world, from Buenos Aires City to Tokyo. One of the most unique examples of architecture is the chapel of Notre Dame de Hault. This church has the asymmetrical design with the concrete dome.