Travelling to Tam Dao for backpackers

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How to travel to Tam Dao?

Tam Dao is far from Hanoi about 85km (2-hour drive), so it is very convenient to travel to tam Dao. You can go by car, bus or motorbike, taxi.


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The majority of young people are interested in backpacking to Tam Dao because of short distance and very convenient transportation. From Hanoi, you can get a motorbike at James Hanoi Motorbikes company specializing in motorbike rental Hanoi with a wide range of motorbikes such as manual or semi-automatic motorbikes, you can get one manual motorbike that is very suitable for the road leading Tam Dao, you just follow Pham Hung Street and then, go straight to Vinh Yen City, Vinh Phuc Province, turn to Road 28 to continue about 25km to Tam Dao.

For those who prefer going by bus to save money (mostly students), you take bus 58 (route: Long Bien – Me Linh). From Me Linh Plaza, you will take bus 01 to Vinh Phuc Commune, then take bus 07 to Vinh Yen – Tam Dao.
Also, you can take a passenger car from Hanoi to Vinh Yen at My Dinh station. Then, you will take a taxi or motorbike taxi to Tam Dao.

In addition, you might take the train from Hanoi – Lao Cai, get off at Vinh Yen train station. After that, you will take the bus 07 to Tam Dao – Tay Thien, or catch a taxi/ motorcycle taxi to Tam Dao.

Experience for renting the hotel room in Tam Dao

Hotels and motels in Tam Dao are quite plentiful so the prices are suitable for tourists. As experience, the average room rate in Tam Dao is about 300.000/ room/ day and, from 500,000 to 3.000.000 VND/ room/ day for star-class luxury hotel.
The main means of transport in Tam Dao is the taxi, motorbike taxi, rental car or on foot. Before going to any places, you should make a deal on price with driver.

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These attractions in Tam Dao

We call the place Tam Dao because it is formed from three high mountains, including Thien Thi, Thach Ban and Phu Nghia. Tam Dao is famous for scenic spots such as Thac Bac, Xa Huong Lake, Dai Tuyet Bridge, Thang May, Rung Rinh Mountain and so on.

Ba Chua Thuong Ngan Temple is located at the foot of Thien Thi Mountain. You have to climb 200 stone steps to go to the temple. In this place, you can admire the famous Golden temple of Vietnam.
Thac Bac is a small stream with about 50 meters in length rushing along with the sound of the forest and echoing leaves.

Rung Rinh Peak owns a lot of picturesque trees and hills. You can not only admire a lot of orchids but also hear chirping birdsong and flying butterflies.

A place you cannot miss when traveling to Tam Dao is Heaven Gate. From the hill, you will go straight to the French church and turn left to Heaven Gate. Standing on the Heaven Gate, you can see the whole town fanciful in smog and feel the peaceful atmosphere here.

Tam Dao ancient church built by French architecture, becomes an attractive tourist destination. Standing on the church, you can see the whole natural scenery of Tam Dao.

In addition to the places you can do with your groups, you can go camping in the wide and very clean lawn area in Tam Dao. Especially, Tam Dao has tennis court, football ground and swimming pool.

What to eat in Tam Dao/ Specialties in Tam Dao

In the top of the specialty list in Tam Dao is chayote, a simple but typical dish. Stir fried chayote famous and tasty dish. Moreover, boiled chayote served with sesame salt is familiar in many big and small parties.

Naturally raised chicken is the second famous dish in Tam Dao. It is cooked into many different dishes like stir fried chicken with salt, stewed chicken, stir fried chicken with onion, especially delicious and greasy grilled chicken covered with mud.

You can also enjoy the wild boar cooked into dishes such as baked, steamed, etc. If you go with your group, you can buy a whole pig to cook and enjoy it with your friends. Such an interesting experience!


This is a kind of Tam Dao’s specialty

However, the eating service in Tam Dao is quite expensive so you should bring some kinds of ready-made foods and drinks if you do not want to spend too much money.

Hopefully, with the useful information, you will get some ideas on how to travel to Tam Dao, what to do and what to eat in Tam Dao to save time and money.