Discover Cai Be float market in one day from Ho Minh Chi City

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Travel and discover a lot of stuff in just a day tour from Ho Minh Chi-city to Cai be floating market. It is situated on the Mekong. Having a fully day tour can give you a great overview of Vietnamese life. On the way to Cai Be, you will see green paddy fields stretching like a patchwork towards the horizons. If you are on a private tour, tour guides will pick you up as early most likely 7 in the morning, Tours will bring you to the overlooking of the rice fields to take pictures and make memories, then next a rowing boat will come to fetch you going to “Cai Be Market” you’re going to immerse yourself into the world of flee market. Addition to the tour you’re going to visit a small family business to see how coconut candy and crispy rice popcorn are made. And you have the chance to visit their local garden and enjoy fresh fruits, honey tea and folk songs. Cai Be is one of the largest floating market in the Mekong Delta. In Ho Chi Minh city can booking a tour to here Mekong Delta tours 1 day.

Buy what you don’t have yet, or what you want, which can be mixed with what you already own. Buy only because something excites you, not just for the simple act of shopping. Shoppers get ready the jump and hop in this new and exciting market in town! Discover “Cai Be Floating Market” from a one day tour from Ho Minh Chi city. Enhance your cultural experience to the next level. This river market is still a popular attraction for tourist. During morning is the best day to shop on this floating market and it is a wholesale item which means cheaper. It’s a market that uses different small boats as their stalls or boutiques. So what to discover in this trip? Discover their culture how to they do the trading in their market. You’ll learn the boats identification of what they are selling by hanging sample products on their long pole which make it easier for the buyer to find a boat that sells what you need. You can buy a lot of vegetables and fresh picked fruits, different delicacies that they offer at a low price. The hustle and bustle atmosphere here is different from urban’s voices of people bargaining mixed rowers’ singing and the sound of paddle boats, which make a living of local people lively. People come here to buy large quantities of goods mostly foodstuffs. Yes, it is a normal market but what’s bring it to the next level is it in the water which makes it more unique and exciting. What else can you do in this market? You can try their lunch on different boats which are a little bit sweet because it’s like having a boat dinner but no in a fancy way. Tour will bring you to you back to Ho Minh Chi city around 4 in the afternoon because market already starts to close that’s why it is much better to go early morning so you can get the fresh fruits, fresh meats and different kinds of foods.

This was truly exciting to shop for this kind of market that can give you a different point of view, learn different cultures. Learn how to bargain stuff and learn how to socialize with different people in this city. This Floating market will always be a great hit for tourist because of the ambience that it can give and especially the experience and memories that it give to people. One more thing doesn’t forget to buy souvenirs in this place, but they don’t sell this that much on the rivers. Just always remember you can always shop till you drop but all memories cannot be bought by any means of money. A visit to Cai Rang Floating Market